Agricultural engineering degree programme would prepare students to work professionally in the many fields of agriculture and cover all aspects of the industry and covers embraces the following disciplines: 1) agricultural machinery, equipment and power units; 2) agricultural buildings and structures; 3) agricultural electrification and energy; 4) agricultural processing and food engineering; 5) soil and water conservation; 6) irrigation and drainage and water resources management; 7) agricultural waste disposal and utilization and environmental management; 8) agricultural information resources and technology; 9) agricultural instrumentation and control; 10) fishery and aquacultural resources engineering and 11) forest product resource.
Earning a degree gives students textbook knowledge and hands-on vision of their chosen field. Fieldwork and laboratory projects combined with actual practice provide a well-rounded education.

Aims and objectives

• applying their unique educational backgrounds in agricultural engineering by providing appropriate solutions to problems and adding value to the research, development, and design processes encountered in a variety of work environments;
• considering systems as a whole when solving problems, looking beyond components and subsystems individually;
• integrate technical knowledge with organizational, listening, communication, and interpersonal skills to lead and work effectively in teams,
• responsibly addressing issues such as health and safety, personal and professional ethics, cultural diversity, as well as the social, environmental, and global impacts of their work; and
• continuing their personal growth, professional development, and professional and community service, through various opportunities provided by institutions, professional organizations and other venues.


1G.O. AriavieMechanical/AgriculturalEngineeringDesign and Manufacturing EngineeringB. Eng.(Mech. Engrg, MARKUDI,1993), M.Eng.(Mech.Engrg, UNIBEN, 1997), MBA(UNIBEN, 2000)  Ph.D(IndustrialEngrg, UNIBEN, 2010), MNSE, COREN Regd.Professor and Program Coordinator
2D.I. IgbinomwanhiaEnvironmental Management Hard waresEngineering Design and ManufactureB.Eng. (Mech.Engrg, Benin 1991). M.Eng. (Design & Manufacture, Benin 1995), Ph.D (Design & Manufacture, Benin 2010). MNSE 1996, COREN 2000.Professor
3J. I. AcheboManufacturing /Agricultural EngineeringProduction EngineeringB.Eng.(Agric Engrg, FUTO, 1995), M.Eng.(Mech. Engrg, UNIBEN, 1998), Ph.D( Man. Engrg , UNIBEN, 2007), MNSE, COREN Regd.Professor and Head, Department of Production Engineering
4J. A. AkpobiProduction EngineeringEngineering Design and ControlB.Eng.(Prod.Engrg ,UNIBEN,1989), M.Eng.( Man. Engrg , UNIBEN, 1995), Ph.D(Man. Engrg, UNIBEN, 2005), MNSE, COREN Regd.                                  Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering
5P. O. B. EbuniloDesign and ManufacturingMechanical EngineeringB.Eng.(Mech. Engrg, ASUTECH, 1985), M.Eng.(Design & Man. Engrg ,UNILAG,1987), Ph.D( Design & Man. Engrg , UNIBEN, 2007), MNSE, COREN Regd.Professor
6M. A. Enaboifo  Associate ProfessorB.Sc. (Agric. Engrg, FUNAAB -1995),  M. Eng. (Agric. Engrg, Soil & Water, FUTA 2000),  Ph.D Eng. (Water Res, UNIBEN,2008), MNSE,COREN Regd.Agricultural    and   Water Resources Eng. 
7P. E. AmiolemhenManufacturing /Agricultural EngineeringProduction Eng.B. Eng (Mech. Engrg, UNIBEN, 1991), M. Eng.(Man. Prod, UNIBEN, 2003), Ph.D(Man. Prod, UNIBEN, 2009) MNSE, COREN Regd.  Associate Professor
8O. O. OgbeideIndustrial /Agricultural EngineeringProduction Eng.B.Eng.(Prod, UNIBEN 2005), M.Eng. (Ind. Engrg, UNIBEN 2010) MNSE,COREN Regd.Senior Lecturer
9F. InegbedionManufacturing /Agricultural EngineeringProduction Eng.ND (Mech. Engrg, Auchi Poly 1996), HND (Mech. Engrg, Auchi Poly 2000),  B.Eng (Prod,  UNIBEN 2008), M. Eng. (Man. Prod, UNIBEN 2012) MNSE,COREN Regd.Lecturer II
10F.S. Osadebamwen  Agricultural   Engineering-IrrigationAgricultural    and   Water Resources Eng.ND (Agric. Engrg, Auchi 2005), B.Eng. (Agric. Engrg, FUT, Yola 2013)Graduate Assistant
11S. A. IkeElectronic/ Electrical Eng.Electrical Power Systems MachinesB.Eng.( Elect/Elect Engrg, FUT-YOLA, 1997), M.Eng.( Power Systems & Machine  Engrg, UNIBEN,2000), Ph.D( Power Systems & Machine  Engrg, UNIBEN, 2008), MNSE, COREN Regd.  Professor
12O. A. OlafuyiPetroleum EngineeringFormations and EvaluationB.Eng.(Pet. Engrg,  UI, 1997), M.Eng.( Pet. Engrg,  UI, 2000), Ph.D( Pet. Engrg,  AUSTRALIA, 2008), MNSE, COREN Regd.Professor
13O. R. EdokpiaProduction EngineeringIndustrial EngineeringB.Sc(Metallurgy & Materials, OAU, 1992), M.Eng.(Ind. Engrg, UNIBEN, 1999), Ph.D( Ind. Engrg, UNIBEN, 2010), MNSE, COREN Regd.Professor
14C. O. Izinyon  Civil EngineeringWater Res.     andEnvir.Health EngineeringB.Eng. (CivilEngrg, UNIBEN 1995), M.Eng (civil/Struct. Engrg, UNIBEN 1998),Ph.D (Water Resources & Environ. Health Engrg, UNIBEN 2005), MNSE, COREN Regd.  Professor
15V. A. Okonji  Agricultural-FisheriesAgricultural-FisheryB.Agric.(Fisheries, UNIBEN 1992),M.Sc.( Fisheries, UNIBEN 1997),Ph.D( Fisheries, UNIBEN 2005)Professor
16S. U. Ewansiha  Crop ScienceAgricultural-crop productionB.Agric.(Crop Production, UNIBEN 1992),M.Sc.( Crop Production, ABU 2002), Ph.D( Crop Production, ABU 2011)Senior Lecturer
17F. E. Omoregbe  Agric. Economics and Extension ServicesAgricultural Economics and ExtensionB.Sc.( Agric.Economics and Ext. OAU 1988),M.Sc.( Agric. Extension, OAU 1996), Ph.D ( Agric. Extension, UNIBEN 2006)  Professor
18A. A. Erakhrumen  Agricultural-ForestryAgricultural-ForestryB.Sc. (Forestry lbadan-2001), M.Sc.(Forestry Ibadan-2005), Ph.D (Forestry lbadan-2010)Senior Lecturer
19N. C. Akaeze  Agricultural-Animal production.Agricultural-Animal productionB.Agric. (Animal Science, UNIBEN 2009), M.Sc.(Animal Production, UNIBEN 2014)Assistant Lecturer
20I. O. AirelobhegbeAgricultural    and Water ResourcesEng. /InstrumentationElectrical/InstrumentationB.Eng.(Electrical & Electronic Engrg, AAU 2010), M.Eng(Electronics/Telecoms Engrg, UNIBEN, 2015)  Assistant Lecturer
31F. I. IruansiAgric. Economics and Extension ServicesAgricultural Economics and ExtensionB. Agric.( Agric.Economics and Ext, UNIBEN 2008), M.Sc.( Agric.Economics, UNIBEN 2016 )Assistant Lecturer