It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the faculty of Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. The faculty have the vision of being the best faculty of engineering among Nigerian universities and world-acclaimed where the frontier of engineering and technology are constantly advancing and professional engineers are produced for the industrialization and development of Nigeria and the world at large.

Thanks for your interest in the faculty of Engineering and I wish you well in your career pursuit.

Engr. Prof. John O. Osarenmwinda

Dean, Faculty of Engineering


To be the best Faculty of Engineering in any Nigerian University that is world-acclaimed where the frontiers of engineering and technology are constantly being advanced, and socially responsible professional engineers required by both the public and private sectors are produced for the rapid industrialization and development of Nigeria to the greatest benefit and satisfaction of the University of Benin and all stake-holders in the Nigerian University system.


To produce the most sought-after engineers by all employers, post graduate schools and research organizations

To attract and retain the best minds as students and staff

To tap and develop the vast potentials of our very resourceful staff, students and host community members

To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other relevant national and international bodies and institutions through the University of Benin.

To serve as a Center of Excellence in engineering and technology in the West-African Sub-region where up-to-date and current expertise and information can be obtained.