Prof. (Mrs.) Pat. Orukpe, HOD, Electrical/Electronic Engineering

HOD, Electrical Electronic Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering


Prof. (Mrs.) P. E. Orukpe (Head of Department)

I welcome you to the Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria. The Department has been positioned to provide quality training in Electrical/Electronic Engineering for the purpose of meeting the global demands in Engineering. We are deeply passionate about developing technical manpower at the highest level for sustainable economic growth and industrialization of this country, as well as giving the best to our students thereby impacting their immediate environment and the world at large. Our department is made up of talented researchers, technologists, technical and support staffs that are willing and ready to impact knowledge and advance human lives in the emerging technological age.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng):  Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunications Option

Power & Machines Option

Master of Engineering (M.Eng): Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunications Option

Power & Machines Option

Control & Instrumentation Option

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunications Option

Power & Machines Option

Control & Instrumentation Option


Electrical Engineering is a branch of Engineering, which deals with the study of the movement of electrons in electrical materials usually referred to as conductors. This phenomenon is a property of the basic particles of all materials consisting of electrons and protons. Therefore, Electrical Engineering is the study of the effects of the electrical property of matter and their utilization for the benefit of mankind and his environment.

Employment opportunities are available to graduates of the Department in the areas of Electrical Machines and Power, Control and Electrical Instrumentation, Electrical Design and Integrated Circuits, Telecommunication and Solid State and Micro- Electronics to name just a few.


The philosophy of the Department of Electrical/ Electronic Engineering is the development of technical manpower at the highest level in this field for the sustainable economic growth and industrialization of this country and humanity in general. The main objectives of the Departmental Undergraduate Degree programmes are as follows:

  1. To train engineers to meet the commercial, industrial, educational and technological manpower needs of Nigeria
  2. To produce technocrats who can keep up with the rapid pace of change in the electrical telecommunication, electronic and computer industry worldwide
  3. To train engineers who can provide the technical support base for the fast-growing population industrial establishments
  4. To provide Nigeria with engineers who can design, produce, maintain, and service Electrical/ Electronic Telecommunication equipment.

A project work must be completed in the final year by each candidate. Project normally reflect relevance towards the technological needs of the country.

The programme is designed in such a way that the Philosophy and Objectives of the Programme take cognizance of and be in harmony with:

  • The Faculty of Engineering, University of Benin general philosophy and objectives in which the faculty was established.
  • The philosophy and objectives of the National University Commission (NUC) “Minimum Standard” of Jul 1989 pertaining to Engineering and Technology.
  • The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) requisites for this area.
  • Other Regulation Bodies’ requisites such as The Nigerian Society of Engineers.
  • The Nigeria’s National Policy on Education and finally those Philosophies and objectives Intrinsic and unique to achieving high academic and professional development in Electrical/Electronic Engineering in the country.

The Department graduated its first intake of 1973/74 Session in 1978/79 session. These were UME level intakes. From the feedback received from industries and parastatals, the department is highly encouraging by the glowing reports and document which we have received on the performance of the graduates for B.Eng. (Electrical/ electronic Engineering).


Academic Staff

1.F. O. EdekoPh.D. (Sheffield – 1985), M.Sc. (Leningrad – 1979), NSE, AMIEEProfessorElectronics & Telecommunications
2.S. O. OnohaebiPh.D. (UNIBEN – 2006), M. Eng. (UNIBEN – 1995), PGDCS (UNIBEN – 1994), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 1989), MIEEE, FNSE, Regd. Engr., FICAD, AMNIBE, KSJI.ProfessorElectrical Power Systems & Machines
3.E.A. OgujorPh.D.(UNIBEN – 2006) M.Eng (UNIBEN – 2000) B.Eng. (UNIBEN –1997), OND (Auchi–1991), MNSE, MNIBE, MIEEE, CORENProfessorElectrical Power Systems & Machines
4.E. U. UbekuPh.D.(UNIBEN – 2006), M.Eng. (UNIBEN – 1999), B.Eng. (UNIPORT – 1995), COREN, MNSEProfessorElectrical Power Systems & Machines
5.S. O. IgbinoviaPh.D. (UNIBEN – 2007), M.Eng (UNIBEN – 1998), PGDs (UNIBEN – 1992), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 1986), MNRE, MNSE, COREN,ProfessorElectrical Power Systems & Machines
6.J.O. Emagbetere (Mrs.)Ph.D. (UNIBEN – 2008), M.Eng (UNIBEN –  2000), B.Eng. (AAU – 1997),  MNSE,  MIEEE,ProfessorTelecommunication/ Electronics
7.S.A. IkePh.D. (UNIBEN – 2008), M.Eng (UNIBEN – 2000), B.Eng. (FUT, Yola–1997) CORENProfessor (HOD)Electrical Power Systems & Machines
8.P.E. Orukpe (Mrs.)Ph.D./DIC (London – 2009), M.Sc./DIC (London – 2002), M.Eng (UNIBEN – 2000), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 1998) OND (Auchi–1992), MNSE, CORENProfessorControl and Electronics Engineering & Telecom
9.K.O. OgbeidePh.D. (UNIBEN – 2012), M.Eng (UNIBEN – 2008), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2005), Dip. In Comp. Eng., MNSE, CORENAssociate ProfessorTelecommunication/Electronics Engineering
10.J.O. EgwailePh.D. (UNIBEN – 2012), M.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2008), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2004), OND (Auchi), MNSE, COREN.Associate ProfessorElectric Power Systems & Machines
11.F.O. OdiasePh.D. (UNIBEN – 2014) M.Eng (UNIBEN – 1997), B.Eng. (BUK-Kano – 1992), MNSE, COREN.Senior LecturerElectrical Power Systems and Machines
12.N. BelloM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2010), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2006), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer ITelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
13.J.O. Boi-UkemeM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012) B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2008),Lecturer ITelecommunication/Electronics Engineering
14.N.S. IdiagiM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2008),  OND (Auchi – 2003), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
15.I. R. OsazeM.Sc. (Manchester – 2012) B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2006),Lecturer IControl/Telecommunications Engineering
16.A.U. OsarogiagbonM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012), M.Sc. (UNIBEN – 2014), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2007), Diploma in Computer    Eng.( UNIBEN – 2002),  MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IElectronics & Telecommunication
17.F. O.  AgbontaenM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2007), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
18.T. A.  AikaM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2013) B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2009),Lecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
19.L. E. OmozeM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2013) B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2009),Lecturer IElectronics/Telecommunication Engineering
20.E. I.  IbhadodeM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2013), M.Sc.( UNIBEN – 2014) B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2009), MNSE.Lecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
21.C.A. OsaretinM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2013), M.Sc.( UNIBEN – 2014)  B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2008), MNSE, CORENLecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
22.G.O ImhabekhaiM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2013), B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2008), MNSE, CORENLecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
23.E. OsaM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2013), B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2008), MNSE, CORENLecturer IElectronics/Telecommunication Engineering
24.O. O. UduehiM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2013) B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2009),Lecturer ITelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
25.J.J OnwahM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2013), B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2009), MNSELecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
26.A. P. OriaifoB.Eng (UNIBEN – 2009), M.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2014), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IElectrical Power Systems & Machines
27.A. DaudaM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012), B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2006), MNSE, CORENLecturer IITelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
28.M.O. IgbinosaM.Sc. (Glasgow – 2015),  B. Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IIControl/Telecommunications Engineering
29.P. T. AikhojeM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2015), B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2007), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IIElectrical Power Systems & Machines
30.E. O. UwuigbeM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2016), B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2007), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IIElectrical Power Systems & Machines
31.O. E. EroM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2016), B. Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011), MNSELecturer IITelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
32.J. C. OfuaseM.Sc. ( Southampton, 2013) B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2009)Lecturer IIElectrical Power Systems & Machines
33.O. AgbonayeM.Sc, (Glasgow – 2016) B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012)Lecturer IIElectrical Power Systems & Machines
34.M. O. OyedohM.Eng (UNIBEN – 2016), B.Eng (UNIBEN –2010) MNSE.Lecturer IIElectrical Power Systems & Machines
35.O. S. OmorogiuwaM.Eng (AAU – 2016), B.Eng. (AAU– 2008), MNSE, COREN.Lecturer IITelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
36..E.C. EkokoB.Eng (UMaT – 2012)Graduate AssistantTelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
37.O. M. AkereleB.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012)Graduate AssistantElectrical Power Systems & Machines
38.S.O. IduborM.Eng, (UNIBEN – 2017) B.Eng (UNIBEN – 2011)Graduate AssistantTelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
39.E. OniB.Eng (UNIBEN – 2012)Graduate AssistantTelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
40.E. O. EkhatorB.Eng (UNN – 2012)Graduate AssistantElectrical Power Systems & Machines
41.E. N. IyekekpoloB.Eng (UNIBEN – 2007)Graduate AssistantTelecommunication/Electronic Engineering
42.O. ObasohanB.Eng. (AAU – 2009)Graduate AssistantTelecommunication/Electronic Engineering

 Technical Staff

1.S.O. Oyakhilome (Mrs.)B.Sc. (Tech) (1995), N.C.E. (Tech) (1989), M. Edu. (Tech) 2014, NATE (2014) COREN (2015)Asst. Chief  Laboratory TechnologistOrganizes the activities of the lab Supervision of Exp. And Ass. 200L/300L
2.D. O. AigbodionG.C.E. (1990), Trade Test I, II & III (1991 –  1992), G.C.E. (1995), N.T.C (1995) (NABTEB) Ad. N.T.C., 1996(NABTEB), B.ENG 2004  M.Eng (2007) (UNIBEN), NSE 2010, COREN 2011Asst. Chief  Laboratory TechnologistSupervise 200 & 300L lab. Repairs of Electrical Equipment
3.Agha ChukwuHigher National Dip. -2003 Telecoms/Electronics, COREN, 2011.Senior TechnologistSupervise all 200, 300 & 400L, Repair of Elec. Equipment
4.T.O. FilaniHND, Elect/Elect, PGD, 1996 (Production) 2011Senior TechnologistSupervises/Assessment of Electronics Practical for 200L/300L  
5.O.S. OyegueB.Eng (Elect/Elect) (2000), N.C.E. (1991), M.SC (NOUN, 2017), NATE (2014)Senior TechnologistSupervises/Assessment of Lab Experiments for 200L/300L
6.K. E. ImafidonB.Eng (Elect/Elect, AAU) 1999, P.gd Comp. Sc. (2005), MNSE (2014), COREN (2015)Technologist ISupervisor/Assessment of Electrical Experiment for 200/300L Repair/Maintenance
7.Uchenna AgomuoWAEC/NECO 2001/2002, HND Electrical Power & Machine – 2004, Pgd (Elect/Elect, 2015)Lab. Technologist ISupervisor/Assessment of Electrical Experiment for 200/300L Repair/Maintenance
8.D. OsarenkhoeHND (Elect/Elect) (2005). P.gd (2015)Technologist ISupervises/Assessment of Lab Experiments for 200L/300L
9.A. OkokpujieHND (Elect/Elect) (2008) NATE (2016)Technologist ISupervises/Assessment Experiments for 200L/300L; Repair/Maintenance
10.K. S. Abu (Mrs.)C & G (Technical) (1987) Craft Training Certificate (1981), O.N.D. (1993), H.N.D (2014), COREN 2012.Senior Technical OfficerSupervise Lab. Work 200 & 300L Maintenance Assessment of Experiment 200 & 300L
11.B.O. ErhunmwunseB.Eng. (Elect/Elect, AAU, 2007), M.SC.(Uniben, 2016), MNSE (2015), COREN (2017)Technologist ISupervisor/Assessment of Electrical Experiment for 200/300L Repair/Maintenance
12.E.J. EsangbedoDip. In Computer Eng.  (2003), B.Eng, Electrical/ Electronics (2008)Lab. Technologist IISupervisor/Assessment of Electrical Practical Repair/Maintenance in Lab.
13.N. E. AlileHND (Elect/Elect) 2011/2012Technologist IISupervision/Assessment of Experiment200/300L
14.O. N. EnehizenaB.Eng (Elect/Elect, AAU) 2009, M.Eng (Elect/Elect, AAU, 2017), MNSE (2016), COREN (2017)Technologist IISupervision/Assessment of Experiment200/300L
15.H. OborghayujieHND (Elect/Elect, Auchi) 2011.Technologist IISupervision/Assessment of Experiment200/300L
16.R. IgbinadolorHND (Elect/Elect, Auchi) 2008.Technologist IISupervision/Assessment of Experiment200/300L
17.J.O. IkhatuaB.Eng (Elect/Elect, Uniben, 2009) NATE (2015)Technologist IISupervision/Assessment of Experiment200/300L
18.E.O. EnabuleleWAEC 2005, OND (2009), HND (2014)Higher Technical OfficerSupervision/Assessment of Experiments & Electrical Installation Maintenance
19.H. O. MomohHND (Elect/Elect, 2009), NATE(2015)Technologist IISupervision/Assessment of Experiment200/300L
20A. IdhiguG.C.E. (1983), NABTEB (2003), Trade Test I & II (2008)Workshop SupervisorArrange Laboratory Instrument Preparing practical for students Maintenance of Laboratory equipment
21.S.O. OnohaebiWAEC/NECO (2004), Advan. NABTEB (2012)ForemanEquipment Maintenance/Electrical Installation
22.I.C. NwaemekaWAEC, Trade Test I, II & III (2002)ForemanEquipment Maintenance/Electrical Installation

Administrative Staff

1.P. A. Abekhe (Mrs.)Senior Conf. SecretaryHND Secretariat Studies AdministrationGeneral duties HOD’s Office
2.F. AkhimieSenior Executive OfficerB.A History & International Studies AAU, Expoma (2006)Administrative office Assistance & Executive Duties
3.K.O. OviahonSenior Executive OfficerB.Sc. Sociology/Anthropology (Uniben, 2004)Administrative and Executive Duties
4.O. O. AzugbeneHigher Executive OfficerB.A History & International Studies (Uniben, 2012)Administrative office Assistance & Executive Duties
5.L. I. TokuraHigher Executive OfficerB.SC Economics & Statistics (Uniben, 2005)Administrative office Assistance & Executive Duties