Dr. O. O. Ighodaro, Ag. HOD,Mechanical Engineering

Dr. O. O. Ighodaro,

Ag. HOD,Mechanical Engineering


To produce graduates with the inculturization of technology to solve the problems of technological development and create wealth in Nigeria


  1. To be a pace setter in Engineering and Technological Education in Nigeria
  2. To train manpower in fundamental principles of engineering to solve contemporary engineering problems.
  3. To produce graduates that will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.
  4. To train competent engineers that will be successful in the global engineering profession.


Academic Staff List

1B. O. OnyekpeProfessorPhD (Metallurgy, Material Engr. & Corrosion, 1982 Aston) M.Sc. (Metallurgy, Material Engr. & Corrosion, 1980 Aston) C. Eng.  London      1981 COREN    REGDIndustrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
2F. F. O. OrumwenseProfessorM.Sc. (Materials, 1981 Leeds)            B.Sc. (Materials, 1980 Staffordshire)  N.D (1975     Auchi)          COREN, FNSE 2015Materials Engineering
3G. O. AriavieProfessorPhD (Industrial Engineering, 2010 UNIBEN)   MBA (Bus. Admin., 2000 UNIBEN)    M.Eng (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 1997 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 1994 MAKURDI) COREN               R 16933 MNSE                 R 14752Design and Manufacture; Industrial and System Engineering; Risk and Failure Analysis
4P. O. B. EbuniloProfessorPhD (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 2007 UNIBEN) M.Sc (Engineering Design/Prod., 1987 UNILAG) B.Eng (Mechanical/Production Engineering, 1985 ASUTECH) COREN                       2009 MNSE                         1996Design and Manufacture; and Renewable Energy Systems
5A. I. ObanorProfessorPhD (Applied Energy, 1986 Cranfield)    M.Sc (Applied Energy, 1982 Cranfield)   B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 1978 ABU) COREN 2013 (R25454)Applied Energy; Building Services Engineering; and Thermal Power System
6D. I. IgbinonmwanhiaProfessorPhD (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 2009 UNIBEN) M. Eng. (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 1995 UNIBEN) B.Eng    UNIBEN   1991 COREN                   2000 MNSE                     1996Design and Manufacture with bias in Waste Management
7P. O. OlagbegiSenior LecturerM.Eng (Design and Manufacturing Engineering, 1997 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 1990     UNIBEN) COREN MIANG    Design and Manufacture; and Controls
8E. G. SadjereAssociate ProfessorPhD (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 2009 UNIBEN) M.Eng (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 1999 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 1981      UNN) COREN                   1988 FNSE                       2001Design and Manufacture; Materials and Applied Energy
9S. A. AliuAssociate ProfessorPhD (Mechanical Engineering, 2014 U.I)  M.Sc (Mechanical Engineering, 2003     U.I) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 1998   UNILORIN) COREN                     2013 MNSE                       2010Thermo-Fluids and Applied Energy
10O. O. IghodaroSenior Lecturer/Ag. HODPhD (Fuel Cell Systems and Gas Turbine, 2016 NEWCASTLE) M.Eng (Thermal Power Engineering, 2006 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2000 UNILAG) MNSE COREN  Thermal Power and Fuel Cell Systems
11A. A. UgherugheLecturer IM.Eng (Design and Manufacturing Engineering, 2005 UNIBEN)    B.Eng (Agricultural Engineering, 1987    UNIMAID)Design and Manufacture
12H. ItojeLecturer IM.Sc (Energy Systems and Thermal Processes, 2009 Cranfield)   B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2006    UNIBEN)      COREN MNSEThermal Power
13N. EnomaSenior LecturerM.Eng (2009 NEWCASTLE) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2005 UNIBEN) PhD (Cape Town, 2018)Strength of Materials/computational mechanics
14O. OsazeLecturer IM.Sc (Design of Rotating Machines, 2012 Cranfield) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2006 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
15U. G. Unueroh (Mrs)  Lecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt, 2012 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Agricultural Engineering, 2005     FUTA) COREN  2013 PhD (Industral Metallurgy and corrosion management 2019Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
16P. AkhatorLecturer IM.Eng (Thermal Power Engineering, 2015 UNIBEN) M.Sc (Energy and Material Recovery, 2014 HIB Sweden) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2006  UNIBEN)Thermal Power
17O. EfosaLecturer IM.Sc (Mechanical Engineering Design, 2013 GLASGOW) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2007   UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
18H. O. EgwareLecturer IM.Eng (Thermal Power Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2004  UNIBEN) OND (1998, IDAH) COREN                  2013Thermal Power
    19  C. C. Kwasi-EffahLecturer IPhD (Thermal Power, 2016 UNIBEN) M.Eng (Thermal Power, 20163UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2008 UNIBEN) COREN 2016; M.IAENG 2016 M.NIMechE 2017Thermo-Fluids and Computational Mechanics
20O. AwhemeLecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt. 2014 UNIBEN)  B.Eng (Metallurgical & Materials Engr., 2000  FUTA)  Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
21J. JesumirheweLecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt. 2013 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2000    UNIBEN) MNSEIndustrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
22I. B. OwunnaLecturer IM.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering, 2015 Coventry, UK) M.Eng. (Industrial Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN) B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering, 2006 UNIBEN) ND (1999 Auchi Poly)Design and Manufacture
23N. O. IgbinonmwanhiaLecturer IM.Eng (Production Engineering, 2013   UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2005     UNIBEN) COREN                      2014Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
24M. Awotunde (Mrs)Lecturer IB.Eng (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, 2004  OAU) M.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt. 2015  UNIBEN)Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
25M. O Oisakede (Mrs)Lecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt., 2014   UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2006    A.A.U.)Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
26O. O. IbhadodeLecturer IIMSc (Mechanical and Production Engineering, 2016 UNILAG) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2011   UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
27F. Ehi-EromoseleLecturer IM.Eng (Design and Manufacturing Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2008  UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
28M. OsikhuemheLecturer IMSc (Process Systems Engineering, 2009 CRANFIELD) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2005   UNIBEN)Process Systems Engineering
29O.J. UnuareokpaLecturer IM.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Thermal Power Engineering, 2008 UNIBEN)Thermal Power
30O. OlayeLecturer IIMSc (Thermo-Fluid, 2015 UNILAG) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2014   UNIBEN)Thermal Power
31G.S. LinusLecturer II  B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
32A.O. OsadolorLecturer II  B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
33E. J. OnyiriukaLecturer II  B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2009 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
34O.T. Ebu-NkamaodoLecturer II  B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2009 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
35J.O. AsiborLecturer IIB.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2014 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
36E. F. OrumwenseGraduate AssistantM.Sc (Kwazulu Natal S.A) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2009 UNIBEN)Design and Manufacture
37A.G. Ekhasomhi (Miss)Lecturer IIB.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2006 UNIBEN) MNSE 2014, COREN 2015Design and Manufacture

Technical Staff List

1N.O. Obiukwu-Ifeanyi (Mrs)Principal TechnologistM. Eng (Industrial Metallurgy and corrosion Management, 2014 UNIBEN); B.Eng (Mechanical Engr. 2000 UNIZIK); PGDE; COREN 2012Metallurgy and Applied Mechanics
2R.O. IdadaSenior Technologist IM.Eng (Production 2014 FUTA) B.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2007 ESUT) MNSE   2014 M.IAENG 2015 COREN 2015Thermo-Fluid and Applied Mechanics
3I. IluobeSeniorTechnologist IM.Sc (Engineering Management 2010 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2003 UNN) COREN    2012Metallurgy and Applied Mechanics
4G.A. OjariafeSeniorTechnologist IM.Eng (Design and Manufacturing 2013 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2000 UNIBEN) COREN    2012 M.IAENG 2013Strength of materials, Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics
7S. AfolabiTechnologist IM.Sc (Engineering Management 2014 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2008 UNIBEN)Strength of materials and Applied Mech.
6S.O. GbogunloriTechnologist IB.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2007 UNIBEN)Computer Lab
8E. NovughakpoTechnologist IIH.N.D (Mechanical Engineering 2007 Auchi Poly)Strength of Materials and Applied Mechanics
9E. Omo-OghoghoTechnologist IIB.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2011 UNIBEN) MNSE 2016Strength of Materials and Applied Mechanics
10E.I. EroTechnologist IIB.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2013 UNIBEN)Thermo-Fluid and Applied Mechanics
11A.E. AdamsTechnologist IIH.N.D (Polymer Engineering 2013 Fed Poly ADO-EKITI)Thermal Power and Applied Mechanics
12J. EhiborTechnologist IIH.N.D (Polymer Engineering 2007 Fed Poly ADO-EKITI)Thermo-Fluid, Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics
13T. OsifoTechnologist IIB.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2011 UNIBEN)Thermo-Fluid, Mechatronics and Applied Mechanics
14B.O. IdahosaTechnologist IIB.Eng (Mechanical  Engineering 2001 UNIBEN) PGDE 2016Thermo-Fluid and Applied Mechanics
15H. UkwubiuweTechnologist IIH.N.D (Mechanical Engineering 2009 Fed Poly IDAH)Thermal Power and Applied Mechanics
16N. AiwekhoeTechnical OfficerO.N.D (2007 Auchi Poly)General Duties
17O. EfosaHigher Technical OfficerO.N.D (2009 Auchi Poly)General Duties
18J. OyinboAsst. Technical OfficerAdvanced NATEB Cert. 2012General Duties
19O. AlileLab. AttendantWASC 2002; FSLC 1999Lab Attendant

Administrative Staff

1Osadolor O. Ewere (Mrs)Assistant RegistrarDiploma In Law 2006 BA English 2006Administration
2E.I. EnehPrincipal Executive Officer IDPA 2000 CPA 1997 GCE 1979Admin/ Executive Duties
3J.O. OgbeiwiSenior Executive OfficerN.D. 2009 NECO 2005Administration
4F. Egbeyemi (Mrs)Principal Executive OfficerB.Sc (Local Govt. Mgt 2000 UNIBEN) WAEC (1987) GCE 1990General Secretarial Duties