Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department

Dr. E. G. Sadjere, FNSE Coordinator, Met. & Mat. Engineering

Dr. E. G. Sadjere, FNSE

Coordinator, Met. & Mat. Engineering


Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is a broad discipline that studies materials, including metals and non-metals, their extraction, production, manufacturing of components, recycling, economics, environmental stability and applications in various aspects of human life.

This branch of engineering consists of development of metallic, ceramics, polymeric and composite materials. It studies the traditional materials including steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium, titanium, magnesium, etc and their alloys as well as the non-metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and is continually developing new materials to meet different design conditions.Expanded researches in the field are focusing on biomaterials, smart functional materials, nanocomposites, superalloys, electro-ceramics etc. These materials are processed to obtain desired properties and structures. Appropriate selection, methods of production, heat treatment and finishing are applied to meet needs of transportation, medicine, clothing, recreation, food production, power generation, communication, housing, and other areas of life.It is using expanding technological advancement in microscopy, spectrometry and chromatography to study the structure of materials and establish material properties for different usages.

Nigeria is endowed with abundant natural resources. The solid minerals resources require expertise to harness them for sustainable national development. A measure of a nation’s economic growth and power is a function of her production of metals and materials as a whole and the per capital output. Materials and metallurgical engineers are the major players needed to achieve the responsibilities of industrialization and national development through the materials and metallurgical industry.

The Department aims to train students in fundamental engineering principles that will contribute to development of the vast resources spread across the nation and globally.


The philosophy of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering programme is the development of technical manpower with requisite knowledge and skills to produce materials, processes and procedures needed for the sustainable growth and industrialization of Nigeria.


  1. To train engineers in materials development and metallurgical principles, in addition to the fundamentals of engineering to solve contemporary problems
  • To produce graduates that will be able to exercise original thought, have good professional judgment and be able to take responsibility for the execution of important tasks.
  • To adapt and adopt exogenous technology to improve on indigenous technology in order to solve local engineering problems.
  • To train engineers thatwill manage people, fund, materials and equipment to install and maintain complex engineering systems for optimal performance in our environment.
  • To produce graduates that will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.
  • To train competent engineers that will be successful in the global engineering profession.





      1B. O. OnyekpeProfessorPhD (Metallurgy, Material Engr. & Corrosion, 1982 Aston) M.Sc. (Metallurgy, Material Engr. & Corrosion, 1980 Aston) C. Eng.  London     1981 COREN    REGDIndustrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
      2F. F. O. OrumwenseProfessorM.Sc. (Materials, 1981 Leeds) B.Sc. (Materials, 1980 Staffordshire)  N.D (1975     Auchi) COREN FNSE 2015Materials Engineering
        3E. G. Sadjere  Associate Professor/ CoordinatorPhD (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 2009 UNIBEN) M.Eng (Design & Manufacturing Engineering, 1999 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 1981      UNN) COREN                   1988 FNSE                       2001Design and Manufacture; Materials and Applied Energy
    4U. G. Unueroh (Mrs)  Lecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt, 2012 UNIBEN) B.Eng (Agricultural Engineering, 2005     FUTA) COREN                    2013Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
    5O. AwhemeLecturerM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt. 2014 UNIBEN) B.Eng(Metallurgical & Materials Engr., 2000  FUTA)  Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
      6J. JesumirheweLecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt. 2013 UNIBEN) B.Eng(Mechanical Engineering, 2000    UNIBEN) MNSEIndustrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
    7N. O. IgbinonmwanhiaLecturer IM.Eng (Production Engineering, 2013   UNIBEN) B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering, 2005     UNIBEN) COREN                      2014Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
    8M. Awotunde (Mrs)Lecturer IB.Eng (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, 2004  OAU) M.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt. 2015  UNIBEN)Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management
    9M. O Oisakede (Mrs)Lecturer IM.Eng (Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Mgt., 2014   UNIBEN) B.Eng(Mechanical Engineering, 2006    A.A.U.)Industrial Metallurgy and Corrosion Management




    1    R. OmigiePrincipal Executive Officer II Admin/ Executive Duties



S/NName of Staff  Rank/Designation Salary Scale/ Date of first appointmentF/TQualification, dates obtained and specialization, membership of professional association and number of publicationsPost Qualification Work/Teaching experience and dates, post held and the organization
1Prof. B. O. OnyekpeProfessor   August, 1978   CONUASS 7/10F/TPh.D    Aston        1982 M.Sc    Aston        1980 C. Eng  London     1981 COREN    REGD Specialization: Engineering Behaviour of Materials and Corrosion Number of Publicatn: 150OdutolaTyre Industries, Ijebu-ode (1977 – 1978) UNIBEN (1978 – Till date)  
2Prof. F. F. O. OrumwenseProfessor   January, 1992   CONUASS 7/10F/TM.Sc     Leeds        1981 B.Sc    Staffordshire  1980 N.D        Auchi         1975 COREN FNSEESUT (1983 – 1991) UNIBEN (1992 – Till date)
3Prof. G. O. Ariavie  Professor October, 1995 CONUASS 7/2F/TPh.D     UNIBEN     2010 MBA     UNIBEN     2000 M.Eng   UNIBEN     1997 B.Eng    MAKURDI  1994 COREN               R 16933 MNSE                 R 14752UNIBEN (1995 – Till date)  
4Prof. A. I. Obanor Professor September, 1979 CONUASS 6/9  F/TPh.DCranfield    1986 M.ScCranfield    1982 B.Eng ABU             1978 COREN 2013 (R25454)UNIBEN (1979 – Till date)
5Prof.. D. I. IgbinonmwanhiaAssociate Professor   February, 1996 CONUASS 6/3  F/TPh.D    UNIBEN     2010 M.Eng  UNIBEN   1995 B.Eng    UNIBEN   1991 COREN                   2000 MNSE                     1996UNIBEN (1996 – Till date)
6Prof.. P. O. B. Ebunilo  Professor June, 1994 CONUASS 6/4F/TPh.D      UNIBEN     2007 M.Eng   UNILAG     1987 B.Eng     ASUTECH   1985 COREN                       2009 MNSE                         1996UNIBEN (1994 – Till date)
7Dr. E. G. Sadjere  Associate Professor March, 2015 CONUASS 5/4F/TPh.D      UNIBEN   2009 M.Eng   UNIBEN   1999 B.Eng       UNN       1981 COREN                   1988 FNSE                       2001Delta Steel Company, Warri (1982 – 1988) Voest-Alpine, Warri (1988 – 1999) DESMAN Consultants (2000 – 2003), NDDC (2003 – 2011),  UNIBEN (2015 – Till date)  
8Dr. S. A. Aliu  Senior Lecturer   December, 2005 CONUASS 5/2F/TPh.D     U.I              2014 M.Sc     U.I              2003 B.Eng    UNILORIN  1998 COREN                      2013 MNSE                        2010UNIBEN (2015 – Till date)
9Engr. P. O. OlagbegiSenior Lecturer   January, 1992   CONUASS 5/8  F/TM.Eng     UNIBEN     1997 B.Eng      UNIBEN      1990 COREN MIANG    UNIBEN (1992 – Till date)  
10Engr. A. A. UgherugheLecturer I   November, 1996   CONUASS 4/7F/TM.Eng    UNIBEN    2005 B.Eng    UNIMAID   1987Bendel College of Agric, Asaba (1988 – 1989) AGRO-MAN, Lagos (1989 – 1992) UNIBEN (1996 – Till date)
11Engr. N. IdukpayeLecturer I (Contract)   CONUASS 3/8F/TM.Eng    UNIBEN    1997 B.Eng     UNIBEN     1989 Specialization: Thermo-FluidsUNIBEN (1992 – Till date)
12Engr Dr.. O. O. IghodaroSenior Lecturer November, 2009 CONUASS 4/4  F/TB.Eng UNILAG 2000 M.Eng UNIBEN 2006 Ph.D NEWCASTLE 2016 MNSE, COREN  UNIBEN (2009 – Till date)
13Engr. H. ItojeLecturer I December, 2010 CONUASS 4/3F/TM.ScCranfield      2009 B.Eng    UNIBEN       2006 COREN MNSE  UNIBEN (2010 – Till Date)
14Engr. N. EnomaSenior Lecturer February, 2012 CONUASS 4/2  F/TB.Eng UNIBEN 2005 M.EngNewCastle 2009UNIBEN (2012 – Till Date)
15Engr. U. G. Unueroh (Mrs)              Lecturer I November, 2010 CONUASS 4/2  F/TB.Eng     FUTA      2005 M.Eng  UNIBEN    2012 COREN                    2013 Specialization: Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Management Number of Publications: 8UNIBEN (2010 – Till date)                
16Mr. O. OsazeLecturer I October, 2010 CONUASS 4/2F/TB.Eng   UNIBEN   2006 M.ScCranfield  2012 Specialization: Design of Rotating Machines Number of Publications: 3UNIBEN (2010 – Till date)
17Mr. O. EfosaLecturer II CONUASS 3/5    F/TB.Eng   UNIBEN   2007 M.Sc    Glasgow  2013 Specialization: Mechanical Engineering Design Number of Publications: 3UNIBEN (2010 – Till date)
18Engr. H. O. EgwareLecturer II CONUASS 3/5 December, 2010F/TOND FED. POLY (Idah) 1998 B.Eng   UNIBEN   2004 M.Eng  UNIBEN   2014 COREN                  2013 Thermo-Fluid & Applied Energy Number of Publications: 22UNIBEN (2010 – Till date)
19Mr. P. AkhatorLecturer II November, 2010 CONUASS 3/4  F/T  B.Eng   UNIBEN   2006 M.Sc    Sweden   2014 M.Eng  UNIBEN   2015UNIBEN (2010 – Till date)
20Mr. O. AwhemeLecturer II March, 2015 CONUASS 3/4F/TB.Eng      FUTA     2006 M.Eng   UNIBEN  2014 Mechanical Metallurgy & Corrosion Management. Number of Publications: 4   Delta Steel Company (Engineer II) 2010 – 2013 UNIBEN (2015 – Till date)
21Mr. J. JesumirheweLecturer II CONUASS 3/4   February 2015F/TM.Eng   UNIBEN   2013 B.Eng     UNIBEN   2000 MNSE Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Management Number of Publications: 6Igbinedion University, Okada (2007 – 2015) UNIBEN (2015 – Till date)
22Engr. N.
O. Igbinonmwanhia
Lecturer II CONUASS 3/3   August, 2015F/TM.Eng    UNIBEN    2013 B.Eng     UNIBEN     2006 COREN                      2014Nigerian Naval Engineering College, Sapele(2012 – 2015) UNIBEN (2015 – Till date)
23M. O Oisakede        (Mrs)Lecturer II December, 2015 CONUASS 3/3F/TM.Eng    UNIBEN    2014 B.Eng     A.A.U.     2006 Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion ManagementUNIBEN (2015 – till date)
24Mr. Ikechukwu Bismarck OWUNNALecturer II November, 2010 CONUASS 3/3F/TND (Auchi Poly), 1999 B.Eng. (UNIBEN), 2005 M.Eng. (UNIBEN), 2014 M.Sc. (Coventry, UK), 2015UNIBEN (2010 – Date)
25M. Awotunde (Mrs)    Lecturer II CONUASS 3/3 March, 2015F/T  B.Eng       OAU       2004 M.Eng   UNIBEN   2015 Specialization: Industrial Metallurgy & Corrosion Management. Number of Publications: 1Access Bank PLC (Transaction Officer) (2006 – 2007)   UNIBEN (2015 – Till date)
26Mr. O. O. IbhadodeLecturer II CONUASS 3/3 August, 2013F/T  B.Eng    UNIBEN    2011 MSc      LAGOS       2016UNIBEN (2014 – Till date)
27  F. Ehi-EronmoseleLecturer II February, 2016 CONUASS 3/2F/TB.Eng   UNIBEN   2008 M.Eng   UNIBEN   2014 
28    M. OsikhuemheLecturer II February, 2016 CONUASS 3/3F/TM.Eng   UNIBEN   2013 B.Eng   UNIBEN   2007 MSC CRANFIELD   2010    Oiltest Well Services (2008-2011) Halliburton (2012-2015)
29  O.J. UnuareokpaLecturer II February, 2016 CONUASS 3/3F/TB.Eng   UNIBEN   2008 M.Eng   UNIBEN   2014    Omoskop Ventures (2010 – 2015) Lee Engineering And Construction Company Ltd (2009-2010)  
   30F. O. EdekoProfessor 1st Appointment July 1980F/TM.Sc (Leningrad-1979) Ph.D (Sheffiled-1985) MNSE, AMIEE, COREN, Reg. Engr.UNIBEN  (1980-Date)
 31E. A. OgujorProfessor 1st Appointment Jan. 1999  F/TND (Auchi) 1991 B. Eng. (UNIBEN-1997) M.Eng, (UNIBEN-2000) Ph.D (UNIBEN) 2006 MNSE, MIEEE,MNIBE COREN Regd. Engr.  UNIBEN (1999-Date)
  32S.O. IgbinoviaProfessor 1st Appointment January, 2000F/TB.Eng. (UNIBEN 1996) PGDCS (UNIBEN 1997) M.Eng.(UNIBEN 1998) Ph.D (UNIBEN-2007) MNSE, COREN, Regd. Engr.UNIBEN (2000-Date) Leostine Nig. Ltd. B/City (1994-1999) Skanga Nig. Ltd. Benin City (1992-1994) Sotak Electro-Mechanical Services Ltd (1987-1990) Fed-Osa Nig. Enterprises (1990-1992)
 33J.O. Emagbetere (Mrs)Professor 1stAppointment September. 2003F/TB.Eng (EDSU – 1998) M.Eng (UNIBEN – 2001) Ph.D (UNIBEN -2008) MNSE, COREN Regd. EngrDELTA STATE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION (2002-08/2003) UNIBEN (27/09/2003-Date)
  34S. A. IkeProfessor 1st Appointment March 1999F/TB.Eng. (FUT, Yola 1997) M.Eng.(UNIBEN  2001) Ph.D (UNIBEN)2008 MNSE,MNIBE, COREN Regd. Engr.UNIBEN (1999-Date)
 36P.E. Orukpe (Mrs)Associate Professor 1stAppointment January, 2000F/TOND (Auchi – 1992),  B.Eng (UNIBEN – 1998), M.Eng (UNIBEN – 2000), M.Sc/DIC (London – 2002), Ph.D/DIC (London – 2009), MNSE, COREN Regd. Engr.UNIBEN (1999-Date)
 37J.O EgwaileSenior Lecturer 1st Appointment Feb 2007F/TN.D (Auchi)1998 B.Eng(UNIBEN)2004 M.Eng(UNIBEN)2008 Ph.D(UNIBEN)2014, MNSE, COREN Regd. Engr.Guinness Nig. PLC 20003-2007 UNIBEN (2007-Date)
 38K.O.OgbeideSenior Lecturer 1stAppointment Nov., 2007F/TDIP. (Comp. Engineering) B.Eng (UNIBEN)2005 M. Eng (UNIBEN)2008 Ph.D(UNIBEN)2014, MNSE, COREN Regd. Engr.    UNIBEN (2007 – Date)
  39J.O. Boi – UkemeLecturer I 1st Appointment Nov. 2010F/TB.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2008), M.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011). M.Sc (IPS – 2012) MNSE, MSPE, AEP(NREP)UNIBEN (2010 –Date)
 40N.S. IdiagiLecturer I 1st Appointment Nov. 2010F/TOND (Auchi Polytechnic – 2003), B.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2008), M.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011). MNSEUNIBEN (2010 –Date)
 41I.R. OsazeLecturer I 1st Appointment March 2012F/TB.Eng (UNIBEN – 2006), M.Sc. (Manchester – 2011), MNSEUNIBEN (2003 –Date)
 42F.O. AgbontaenLecturer I 1st Appointment March 2011F/TDICE (UNIBEN – ) B.Eng. (UNIBEN -2007), M.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011), MNSE, COREN Regd.UNIBEN (2011 –Date)
 43M.O. IgbinosaLecturer II 1st Appointment July, 2013F/TB.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011), M.Sc. (University of Glasgow – 2015), MNSE.UNIBEN (2013 – Date)
 44O.E. EroLecturer II 1st Appointment July, 2013F/TB.Eng. (UNIBEN – 2011). M. Sc UNILAG – 2016)UNIBEN (2013 – Date)
 45Engr. J. A. Igimoh  Senior Lecturer   M.Sc. (Karkov, USSR 1983), MNSE, COREN Regd   
 46Dr. S. T. Apeh  Associate Professor   B.Eng. (FUTO, 1996), M.Eng. (UNIBEN, 2003), Ph.D (UNIBEN, 2010), MNSE, COREN Regd. 
 47Dr. O. I. Omoifo  Senior Lecturer   B.Eng. (Benin 1998), M.Eng. (Hiroshima 2004), Ph.D (Hiroshima 2007) 
 48Mrs. O. Okosun  Lecturer II   B.Eng. (UNIBEN, 2009), M.Eng. (UNIBEN, 2012)   
 49Mrs. B. K. EramehLecturer II   B.Eng. (IUO, 2009)   
 50Mr. A. I. EdeoghonLecturer II   B.Eng. (UNIBEN, 2005)   
 51Mr. O. Olaye  Lecturer II   B.Eng. (UNIBEN, 2009) 
52Mr. I. S. Odoh  Lecturer II   B.Eng. (UNIUYO, 2011), M.Sc. (Coventry, 2014)